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  • Feb 26, 2020

Recap of “The Shape of Things” at KoloniX Istanbul

Photo documentation of KARDELEN CICI’s live performance, costumes by Lale İnceoğlu, at “The Shape of Things,” KoloniX, Istanbul, 2020. Courtesy Factory 20/20.

The performance artist Kardelen Cici zipped like a hummingbird around the brimming interior of KoloniX, a new art space in Istanbul, at the opening of “The Shape of Things,” an all-women design show reflecting on the legacy of Bauhaus. KoloniX’s inaugural exhibition was conceived by Factory 20/20, a curatorial team of five art history revisionists determined to prioritize the role of women, including those representing LGBTQ and ethnic minorities, in the cultural production of Turkey, where such perspectives remain grossly absent from most mainstream curatorial narratives.